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Agricultural skills training for officials and farmers is important in terms of creating rural wealth and poverty alleviation in India. The primary purpose of this page in the portal is to share the training programmes and field studies conducted amongst all stakeholders; thus achieving the goal of equal participation and help in creation of a knowledge pool. This area shall focus on enabling officials and farmers to participate in knowledge exercises through increased and reliable supplies of high quality outputs they need to benefit from thus creating high-worth agricultural values.
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Project Monitoring System (approval, physical and financial progress of various Central State Government Projects) In the proposed Web-enabled System,the fund handling authority of the Department posted at Department, Directorate and District will enter the necessary data with respect to allocation, release and utilization for a particular scheme / component, so that senior management can have a picture on balance fund available at any point of time and take a decision on mobilization of the balanced fund. Soil Test based Fertiliser Recommendation System and Generation of Soil Health Card Application Software has been implemented successfully in all the 10 Soil Testing Labs (Govt.)in WestBengal. At present, the percentage of samples received in a lab directly from Farmers is 2 to 5% of the total samplestested in a year. The Computerized System has helped farmers get the test results along with the recommendations within a sustainable time gap. This facilitation has motivated farmers to approach the Labs for testing more samples for cultivation of variety of cropsin different seasons. Within six months of Implementation of the Application Software, the intake of samples directly from farmers in Labs has increased to5% and within a year it is expected to catapult to 8 to 10%. Fertiliser Control Management System Plant Protection and Quality Control of Pesticides Certification and Quality Control of Seed Fertiliser Control that involves Quality Control, Registration of Dealers and Retailers Distribution (includes movement of fertilisers through transport mechanisms) Management (that includes Sale, Release of Subsidy, etc.) The Application Status for Pesticide License will be available on line along with the list of Registered Pesticides. At any point of time, the Govt. will have a view on total list of Registered Licensees in the State with all transactions on their licenses, their Company Infrastructure, the licensees manufacturing and selling spurious pesticides etc The Application Software has been implemented successfully in all the Seed Certification Offices (4 nos.) and all the Seed Testing Labs (3) in West Bengal. The Agency Database (District wise Seed Grower wise) has been created.